Meditation on the Sun (8:45 min)

This meditation evokes the qualities of the Sun - light, warmth, creative and transformational energy - the power for Life itself, and guides you to develop those qualities in your own life, so that you can be a source of light, warmth, power and creativity.

Growing The Light Within (6 min)

In this meditation, we use the energy of the breath to grow the light within, spreading it from the center of being out through the entire body and into the universe. This meditation is a reminder of the spark of life that is always in us, and the power it has if we only allow it to shine!

Calming Breath (7 min)

This meditation uses a breathing technique of lengthening the exhale.  It may take some practice for this to become comfortable for you, as I explain in the audio introduction, which I recommend you listen to once before this meditation. 

Relaxed Breath (3 1/2 min)

This short meditation can be done in less than 4 minutes, lying down or sitting comfortably.  Use it when you have just a few minutes to connect with your breath and relax, or as a opening meditation before yoga practice.